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Adobe scraps iPhone Flash Work – Your Move Apple

In a move to fire back on Apple’s “closed, locked-down platform” as stated by an Adobe higher-up, Adobe has ceased all future iPhone-specific development of it’s CS5 product line. CS5’s primary feature was bringing Flash content to smart phones. This is in response to Apple changing the terms of it’s new iPhone OS 4.0 development license (the same OS that will come with the iPhone 4G this summer and available for download to the iPad in the fall) that blocks any apps being created with Flash technology.

Which means this could definately be a win for other smart phone platforms, specifically Android, whose got big-brother Google in it’s corner.

Sound to me like a three-some (giggle) of Adobe, Android & Google joining forces to take down the evil Apple Corporation that everybody loves to hate.

I shall call them “The Super Friends”

Already taken? Nevermind.

Remember you heard it here first…or not

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