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An Apple Valentines’

It was “All Apple everything” for my wife (and I) for Valentine’s Day 2011…

More of a personal post, but Mrs. Tech should be pleased with me this Valentine’s Day because I went straight Tech on her this time around. Since she organized the traditional “nigh out” this year (Salsa Lessons/Dancing – and yeah, I’m good at that too), I went out of my way to geek her out.

I found a good deal on a gently used White 13″ MacBook that I was able to purchase without spending any money.

You see, I was able to dig up enough old tech around the house to sell that paid for the MacBook outright….and a Seagate GoFlex 2TB Network Hard Drive (Thanks the the tip @JaysonJPhillips).

I’m pretty sure all you techies out there have some loot laying around your home too! It takes about 5 minutes to throw that stuff on eBay or Craigslist…but I digress.

I splurged on myself this Valentines Day and got a 32GB Verizon iPhone. I thought about doing a review on it, but I am pretty sure you all are tired of hearing about it, and with the exception of the antenna placement, the no simultaneous voice/data activity and added hotspot functionality, the #ViPhone is identical to the AT&T version. But the hotspot feature is MUCH FASTER than using my old BlackBerry as a modem for my Laptop on the same network, so I am pleased…but I digress…again.

Of course, the Mrs. was hating (just a little) on my new toy, so I took that as a hint that she wanted one too. I pre-ordered my phone as soon as possible on Feb. 3rd, and got it the following Monday. By that time, all the pre-orders were sold out, so if I wanted to get one for her, I would have to wait for it go on sale in retail stores.

“it is what it is” so me and a friend made plans to go stand in line early on Feb. 10th to scoop a couple up. Surprisingly, the line wasn’t that long (but it was cold as all get out), so after a couple of minutes in line (and declining all of the other offers the VZW staff was pushing while we were waiting – FIOS is NOT in my area, thank-you very much!); we were able to get in and out in relatively no time.

I originally planned some suave, Don Juan stuff and wanted the phone delivered to the table where we were eating after I went “to the restroom” and called her new phone while it was charged up in the box; but for some reason, the VZW store made me activate the phone in the store before I left. So like clockwork, my wife called me from her office just a couple of minutes after I left the store, complaining that her BlackBerry didn’t work. So I had to spill the beans early, ruining my plans.

But it was cool though, and the transition for my wife from PC/BlackBerry to Apple was smoother than I thought. She got the hang of it pretty quick, so the training sessions weren’t as intense.

And if you’re keeping score, we are now an Apple family. I still have a Toshiba Laptop that I have to wipe and give to Momma Tech, but after it’s gone, we are pretty much an Apple Fanboyfamily

…now ask me if I care if you think that we love Apple too much!

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Some of the stuff I sold I didn’t think anybody would want, but I put it up for sale anyway and that’s what sold the fastest. “One man’s trash…”

It worked so well, that I may think about getting another “hustle” going…

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