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Ask a Brotha: iPhone 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5?

Every once in a while, I get tech questions via social media networks and other channels. One follower asked if he should get the iPhone 4S now or wait on the iPhone 5 rumored to be released later this year…

iPhone 5 Concept
iPhone 5 Concept Drawing Courtesy of Uptown Magazine

Every once in a while, I get tech questions via social media networks and other channels. So I decided to start a new area on my blog where I answer some of those questions in order to help a larger audience who my have the same questions. So don’t go getting all up in your feelings if you ask me a public question and it shows up here – Consider your question as inspiration for a blog post…You’re welcome.

This one comes via Twitter:

“Bro Terrance is it worth waiting for i-phone 5…..In fall maybe? or just go with 4S”

I chose this question because the iPhone 5 rumors continue to poor out, and I’m sure people don’t want to be “left behind” when it comes to the latest and greatest technology. I put “left behind” in quotes because the only way you won’t be left behind is if you fork over every penny you have on every new gadget that comes out.

It seems as if a new smartphone is introduced every week. Apple typically releases a new iPhone every year. I’m an early adopter and I don’t have loot like that. So let’s just put that “I don’t want to get behind on the times” sentiment to bed because quite frankly, we’re ALL behind.

Something else to consider is your current phone status. If you’re without a phone or the phone you have is SERIOUSLY on its last leg, it sounds like you need to make a decision sooner than later. If so, I would suggest digging in those pockets now and sign 2 years of your life over to your wireless carrier and get the iPhone 4S. You will be more than happy with the device.

If you’re wireless contract is up, but your phone is fine, sounds like you’re just tired of looking at your “old” phone. I put “old” in quotes because you’re probably just hating on other folks with newer phones and need an excuse to ditch yours.

Having said that, if you just WANT the “new hotness” all the while understanding that you don’t really NEED the new hotness, by all means, wait for the iPhone 5.

Since Apple drops a new phone every year, and it was the fall when it released the iPhone 4S, it’s a pretty solid assumption that the iPhone 5 (or whatever it’s gonna be called) will be released this fall.

Long story short, if you are legitimately in need for a new phone now, you will be more than happy with the iPhone 4S ever after the iPhone 5 is released later this year. If you don’t really need a new phone and can resist being “left behind” and can use your “old” phone for a couple more months, I say save your duckets and wait for the iPhone 5. In the meantime, there are always ways to breathe new life into your old devices as well.

(Ask me how I know)


Thanks for questions (validates that i’m in the right business) and keep ’em coming. You can hit up my contact page, or find me on the web:

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5 replies on “Ask a Brotha: iPhone 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5?”

So I have a Droid X and am waiting as well. But that 2 year commitment is killing me. I wanna leave my Verizon wife and cozy up to Sprint. Gotta wait until August. Ugh …

That’s just a concept drawing. You know, like concept cars at a car show…that never make it to the dealership.

Some artist (not associated with Apple) probably drew that to show off his skills. I doubt if the actual iPhone 5 looks anything like that.

…Or will it?

…Prolly not, lol!

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