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#AskBrothaTech: Will Today’s iPad Event Be Live Streamed?

Apple iPad Streaming Event Announcement via
My Twitter peeps know I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to Apple announcements and events. Yesterday, I did a “What To Expect” post over on Babble that highlights what Apple will be announcing during the live event this afternoon.

So it makes sense that a follower hit me with a follow-up question:


In the past, Apple has streamed events live via their site, as well as its Safari web browser and Apple TV set top box. But, the last iPhone announcement was not streamed. So I didn’t have a clue if Apple planned on streaming the upcoming iPad announcement. Before I could pound the pavement and to see what I could dig up, @4renaissance shot me a link with proof that Apple will in fact stream today’s announcement.

So if you’re in front of an Apple TV, using Safari as your browser of choice, or visit Apple’s website, you will be able to check out what Apple has up its sleeve for the next generation iPad and iPad Mini today at 1pm est

Source: @4renaissance via TUAW

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