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Mac App Store is Open For Business

Open For Business

Fresh off of my 2011 Tech Predictions is the Mac App Store that takes a page from the iTunes App Store for mobile devices, but for Mac laptops and desktops. As easy as it is to buy and download iPod Music, or iPhone/iPad apps, now Mac users can download apps for their Mac laptops/computers running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

No software/CD’s needed as you are downloading apps directly to your computer using your Apple ID account. This will make downloads easier and keeping them up to date a breeze.

Some of the apps already available in the Mac App Store include:

Compartments – An inventory and catalog app that will allow you to organize and keep track of all your stuff lying around your house

LittleSnapper – A handy screen shot tool that lets you organize, categorize, and manage screenshots through the app’s image library.

…in addition to all of the iWork and iLife Titles.

Mac App Store is included in the latest Apple Software Update, so just boot up, update, and login to what Apple has in store for your Mac applications.

Is this Apple’s attempt to counter the Google Apps Marketplace? (prolly not, that place is HUGE) Or is this Apple’s way to streamline, revolutionize (and or course control) how applications are sent to your Mac devices in the same way it currently does for your iDevices?

Let me know what you think about the Mac App Store in the comments section.

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An iPad Christmas Carol


Good luck on getting what you REALLY want this Chrismas


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WordPress Update for iOS

I am on a train this morning, so I don’t feel like doing a full post. But I still wanted to alert those folks having issues with their WordPress mobile apps for Apple devices (I’m looking at you @Jess_Benton) that I just got a serious update in my iTunes queue that includes some key fixes that may help you guys out.

I’m not gonna list them individually, but I did snap a screenshot so you can take a look.

After looking at the tiny words on the image, It looks like I may just have to list the updates:

– Fix for landscape orientation issue when editing posts.
– Fix for incorrect date/time on publish.
– Fix for sync issues when viewing posts.
– Fix for problems connecting to blogs using HTTP Auth.
– Fix for crash during Autosave check after publish.
– Fix for intermittent failures when uploading media.
– Fix for crash when editing blog settings.
– Improved HTML output for media uploads.
– Improved handling of XML-RPC endpoints for blogs.
– Improved UX when adding blogs.
– Added in-app crash reporting system.
– Added option to use HTML 4 tags when embedding video in a post.

The landscape update alone is worth the update if you ask me

(that is, if you even care to ask)

So open up the App Store on your iOS device and download WordPress for iOS

Looks like ended up doing a full post after all. Oh well, the things I do for you guys…

– From my iPad

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Message From a Warlord: Buy the iPhone 4

“The high costs of our gadget addiction”

Got this article from a new connect and just thought I’d share.

Food for thought

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WordPress 2.6 for iOS Adds Enhanced Video Support

A SmallBizGoMobile Report

I manage a couple of WordPress sites and write for a couple of others, but I hardly use the WordPress apps for my mobile devices. BUT when I need to use it to adjust something real quick like a typo, or a broken link in a post and I am NOT sitting around a computer, BOY do the WordPress mobile apps come in handy.

So I’m pretty geeked to tell you that WordPress has added some additional features for iOS devices (Apple) that just may get me to use the mobile apps more often…

Read the rest over at SmallBizGoMobile

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iPads Are Now “Working The Pole?”

iPads are being used in tons of situations and senarios now. It wasn’t long before iPads found themselves “On a Pole” in a club somewhere.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

If you frequent those uber-bougie nightclubs where you have to signup on the guest list in order to get in, now the thick-necked bouncer may just refer to his iPad that is situated on an “iStand” instead of looking for your party on his clipboard.

Made by a Danish designer, the iStand is essentially an iPad dock that is mounted on a stand (or pole, to tie in my wit for this post) that can be bolted to the ground.

Its ideal use is for art displays, galleries, exhibits…or any place where more information via an iPad can be accessed while the people accessing the information will be standing instead of sitting down, because their laps may be busy…because they are standing.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

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TV Gadget Turns Your Mac Into A DVR

…AND streams live or recorded video to your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Designed specifically for Apple fanboys products, The Elgato Eye TV HD set-top box attaches to your Cable/Satellite DVR and wirelessly bridges your Apple devices to control your DVR and stream live content.

At $200 bucks for the box and $5 bucks for the mobile app, it ain’t cheap; but since when have Apple aficionados really considered cost in their love of all things Apple? To compensate for the cost, the Eye TV HD box is crafted with the same minimalistic, but complex design as your current Apple gadgets lineup, so it looks at home alongside other Apple components.

With the Eye TV HD hooked up, you can now use your Mac desktops and laptops to schedule and view recorded and live content, and use your Apple mobile devices to watch your content ANYWHERE. Of course, you have to be mindful of the fact that if you are not on WiFi, and trying to use 3G (will not throw in another AT&T sucks comment here) to view your live or recoded content, you will have some lag to get used to.

But, if you’re willing to grin and bear it, you can most certainly use your Apple mobile devices to zone out and catch up on your recorded or live content while at work.

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Beats By Quincy?

A BlackWeb2.0 Report

That name idea may already be taken (Let me check), but that doesn’t mean that is going to stop music entertainers from jumping on the signature headphones bandwagon. Similar to designer perfumes and colognes endorsed by celebrities, the music game has its own product that artists and other music professionals are looking to endorse. From Dr. Dre, to Diddy, to Jay-Z, to (dare I speak her name) Lady Gaga, everybody is taking the opportunity to put their stamp of approval on a line of headphones.

What better music icon than Quincy Jones to lend his name to a high-end line of custom headphones? Jones has been in the music game for a while and has worked the greatest artist of his and our lifetimes. So it’s only right that he get his own line of headphones.

Read the rest over at BlackWeb2.0

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Say it Aint So – AutoCAD on My iPad?

AutoCAD is BY FAR the best drafting/design software there is. I may be biased because I have been using AutoCAD since 1995, but even still, I would put it up against any other drafting software (I’m looking at you MicroStation).

AutoCAD on a PC is a BEAST. AutoCAD on a Mac…notsomuch. So to commemorate AutoDesk‘s (the parent company of AutoCAD) grand entrance back to Apple computers, AutoDesk is also bringing an “AutoCAD Lite” version to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.

I can remember when architects and drafters marveled at the old school tablets that were supposed to eliminate the need for us to carry around large printouts of floor plans to sites or meetings. Of course, those tablets, with their rotating screens and stylus pens, didn’t take off quite like the world wanted.

Enter the iPad, with its touch screen and all-about-mobility attitude, not to mention a mobile OS versus full-blown computer guts, that should bring Architects and drafters back to the table when it comes to using mobile devices to view, annotate, and maybe even edit drawings.

I am definitely interested in seeing how AutoCAD looks and feels on my iPad. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t cost the same as the full desktop version for PC and Mac to find out ($4 grand).

Can someone say “Student and Teacher edition?”

via: TiPb

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Custom Apple Fanboy Brabus Mercedes

If I EVER get this rich, and become THIS much of a fanboy…picture me rollin’