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My iPad Keeps Me Clean

iPad OCD is kicking in!

So far so good with my iPad 3G. I’ll make sure to get you all a better write up later (especially when I fire up the 3G service).

But for now I can tell you that this baby collects some MAJOR smudges. So I spent most of my time on the iPad (including writing this entry) with pre-washed & sanitized hands.

So that means my hands and thusly my body is more germ-free as a result of buying an iPad.

That’s a plus right?

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iPhone Hat 4G

Love watching videos on your iPhone outside on a sunny day? Hate the glare that goes along with it. Wish you could do something about it, besides, well, I don’t know, holding your free hand up to the screen?

Well for $30 you can get this fly as all outdoors (pun intended) Iphone Hat 4G that will ABSOLUTELY ensure that NO GLARE WHATSOEVER will affect your view.

Disclaimer 1: Don’t walk and use the iPhone Hat 4G, cause you WILL die!
Disclaimer 2: You WILL look like an idiot if you buy the iPhone Hat 4G!


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Adobe scraps iPhone Flash Work – Your Move Apple

In a move to fire back on Apple’s “closed, locked-down platform” as stated by an Adobe higher-up, Adobe has ceased all future iPhone-specific development of it’s CS5 product line. CS5’s primary feature was bringing Flash content to smart phones. This is in response to Apple changing the terms of it’s new iPhone OS 4.0 development license (the same OS that will come with the iPhone 4G this summer and available for download to the iPad in the fall) that blocks any apps being created with Flash technology.

Which means this could definately be a win for other smart phone platforms, specifically Android, whose got big-brother Google in it’s corner.

Sound to me like a three-some (giggle) of Adobe, Android & Google joining forces to take down the evil Apple Corporation that everybody loves to hate.

I shall call them “The Super Friends”

Already taken? Nevermind.

Remember you heard it here first…or not

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New iPhone Mysteriously Lost…Then Found???

To you REALLY think they let this beauty accidentally get out?

…I doubt it – Not the part about this being the new iPhone that’s supposed to drop this summer. I doubt the fact that it [iPhone prototype] was “lost” in a bar somewhere, and found only for the rights to be sold and I’m assuming bought by Gizmodo, for their breaking story. My guess is that this is an ingenious way for Apple to create some buzz, so they very slickly (I made that up) let the phone out into the wild in hopes that this exact thing happens – somebody finds it and leaks it to the highest bidder.

*All speculation for the sake of posting a story, so deal with it*

But Gizmodo did some research in addition to completely taking the phone apart, and thus, claim this is a real iPhone 4G prototype. So since they believe it, I do too (Sorry Erykah, but imma go with groupthink on this one), so I’m gonna post some of the new design features:

– Front-facing camera (for video conference calls, chats, etc)
– Back camera WITH FLASH
– Larger battery
– Smaller screen but higher resolution
– Completely flat back, as opposed to the current slightly curved one, with aluminum border

There is some other stuff, but the above are the best new features in my opinion.

The reasons why they think it’s a real phone is because the phone was actually reported lost, and before Gizmodo could get a chance to play with the phone’s OS, Apple remotely killed the phone. The phone also had a plastic casing around it to disguise it as an iPhone 3GS.

But again, I think this was a carefully crafted scheme by Apple to accidentally on purpose get the word out on it’s new device “But I ain’t the one to gossip, so you ain’t heard it from me”

To get more pics, vids, and details on why they think this phone is the “real deal”, visit:

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Netflix iPad App is Real; Hulu in the Works – CE Pro

How many times can Netflix (r)evolutionize movie watching? We thought the rent-by-mail with no late fees was cool. So was being able to stream to your Blu-ray player and gaming console.

Now it appears you’ll be able to marry you’re brand spanking new iPad with Netflix for a movie-viewing love fest on the portable device’s 9.7-inch screen.

The free Netflix iPad app was released on April 1 and doesn’t appear to be an April Fool’s joke.

It appears to have some pretty nifty features to basically mimic your experience of the Watch Instantly for your PC, like being able to browse and manage your queue and even pick up on the iPad where you may have left off watching in the living room.

Here’s how the Application Description reads:

Get Netflix on your iPad. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.
-Watch as often as you want
-It’s part of your Netflix unlimited membership
-Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer
-Browse movies and manage your Queue right from your iPad

And the app is rated 12+, obviously, because we’re not all watching Disney cartoons.

So is this the so-called killer app? Thousands of movies and TV shows in the palm of your hands, on a much nicer screen than what an iPhone/iPod touch can offer?

According to, ABC also has an app so you can watch the broadcast network’s streaming episodes, and The New York Times reports Hulu is also planning on unleashing an iPad app. That certainly would be huge, but apparently might also be tied into Hulu’s testing the paid subscription waters. Still, we’re guessing plenty of people would throw in a few bucks a month to access Hulu, especially if they’re able to right from their iPad.

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Apple’s Oscar iPad Commerical

I didn’t watch the Oscars last night…was too busy watching “1000 Ways to Die” on Spike TV and “The Wedding Crashers” for the third time on Comedy Central. But as soon as I heard Stevie-J (AKA; Steve Jobs) bought some air time during the Oscars to put out an iPad commercial, I made sure I posted it for you guys.

Remember, iPad preorders via start first thing this Friday!

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Use your iPhone to pay for Starbucks orders

One of my first articles as a blogger was called “Mobile Tagging”. The article was mainly about being able to create and scan “barcodes” (one type of code is called QR code) in order to share such things like contact info and web links using your web-enabled smart phone.

I knew this technology was cool (which was why I wrote about it…a brotha loves cool!) and sooner or later SOMEBODY would put it to good use. Well that somebody just happened to be the largest coffee house in the world.

Starbucks has available an iPhone app called “Starbucks Card Mobile App” (the name is GENIUS…/sarcasm) that enables your typical Starbucks junkie to carry around their Starbucks card on their iPhone (or IPod Touch). With the app, you can find out your card balance, add monies to your card, and register for free card rewards.

…bla, bla, bla.

The coolest feature of the app is that you can create your favorite coffee order by creating a barcode that when scanned automatically SUBMITS AND PAYS for your order – provided you do in fact have a balance on your virtual card!

So imagine being able to walk into a Starbucks, walk up to the counter, hold your phone up to the cashier Java Specialist, submit, pay, and pick up your order without having to say anything!

Not having to talk to anybody is my kind of communication!

Right now, the latter feature of the app is currently being tested in Seattle area stores (of course) and a few other Cali locations, but I am pretty sure before long, the feature will be available everywhere.

For more information and to download the FREE app, visit Starbucks Card Mobile App…OR scan this pic with your code reader app on your phone: