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CableJive dockXtender – Plug and Play Docking Cable That Works with ALL iPhone Cases

The problem with most iPhone cases is that they leave NO ROOM for when you want to dock your phone with another iDevice-compatible gadget like an alarm clock or portable/desktop speakers. Enter CableJive’s dockXtender – a cable that works with ALL cases and compatible docks…

CableJive dockXtender

Subsidized or not, your iPhone was pretty expensive. So I’m guessing the second you decided which color iPhone you were going to get, you also picked out a nice case to protect your phone from incidental drops, scrapes, or scratches.

The problem with most of those cases that really do a good of protecting your phone is that they are pretty bulky. As a result, some of you play the “case swap game” and remove your phone from it’s beautiful prison every time you want to dock it with one of those portable speaker devices. The CableJive docXtender works with ALL cases, allowing you to keep your case on while you dock your phone.

I’m a gadget fiend and I like my gadgets like I like my woman – Bukkid Nekkid! So at the very most, I will put some protective film on my iPhone. Mrs. Tech’s on the other hand, has a case to protect her iPhone from “stuff that never seems to be her fault”. When we bought our latest vehicle, I had an aftermarket iPhone adapter added so we can hook up our iDevices when the radio stations starts playing their typical whack music #Shade.

Of course, her bulky case and bulky adapter don’t jive (pun intended), so I reached out to the folks at CableJive and they sent me their new dockXtender. To explain it best, It’s a short extension cord with a thin port that connects to her iPhone held captive in her case, and a regular Apple proprietary port that plugs into the adapter in our vehicle. The cord is black and comes in either 2 or 6 feet. It’s a pretty thick and durable cord compared to the out-of-the-box Apple cable, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity or damage. But it’s very flexible and responsive, so it can work in just about any situation.

I imagine the dockXtender works best in situations where you have one of those fancy alarm clocks or portable speakers with an iPhone dock. Of course, the dock is designed to BARELY accomodate an iPhone. If you have one of those thick Otterbox cases, you can pretty much count out the fact that you will set that bad-boy down in the dock. The docXtender cable is build to squeeze right in between that Otterbox case to plug into your iPhone, and plug into your device on the other end.

The dockXtender is pricey at $26 bucks, but carrying around the cable along with your other cords will ensure you won’t have to bother with your hefty case every time you want to dock with, pretty much…anything. Pro Tip: You can use the dockXtender to hook your iPad up a docking station as well.

To check out the dockXtender in action, peep the video and then, visit the CableJive website.

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