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How to Track Your Packages With Siri

Not really using Apple’s Siri Shortcuts like you should? Here’s one shortcut I use all the time when I’m waiting on packages 📦 to hit my doorstep. 

Instead rummaging through emails or refreshing shipping websites just to get tracking updates, you can create an iPhone home button or Siri prompt to quickly get updates on packages. 

First you need to copy the tracking website URL for the package you want to track. Then open the Shortcuts app and do the following:

  1. Tap “+” to start a new Shortcut
  2. Tap “Add Action”
  3. Tap “Web” icon
  4. Under Safari, tap “Open” URLs
  5. In the shortcut field, tap the highlighted URL, then paste the tracking URL, then tap “Next”
  6. Give your Shortcut a name and tap “Done”
  7. Once the shortcut is created, tap the three ellipses on the shortcut.
  8. Tap the three ellipses again, and “add to Home Screen” to create an butting for even faster access.
  9. Create a simple Shortcut name so can also use Siri to complete the task. 

This trick will be good for tracking all those #Apple goodies that will be hitting your doorstep later this week. 

Drop a comment if you NEED more Siri Shortcuts in order to get more #Productivity out of that expensive-ass iPhone.