The BEST iOS feature NOBODY is using

To make a long story short, this feature lets you HIDE your email address when signing up for sites/services you REALLY don’t want to have your email address.

To give you a scenario: Say you see something on Social Media you MAY want buy, but you’re not sure. You KNOW as soon as you visit the site, that want your email address.

Instead of giving them your REAL address before you can even add the product to your cart, you can use the Hide My Email feature that comes with an iCloud+ subscription to create a email addy that forwards to your real email.

So AFTER you buy the product (that was just aiight), and IMMEDIATELY get hounded with emails on a daily basis about other products you don’t care about, you can deactivate the fake email address which will immediately cease all communications…because the email doesn’t exist anymore!

…which is SO MUCH MORE SATISFYING than finding the tiny ”unsubscribe” button, that you’re not even sure works.

So go ahead and use that feature more so Apple doesn’t kill it.

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Update Your iPhone 14 Immediately

Looks like you will have to wait just a little while longer before getting to play with your new toy.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, new iPhone 14 users may experience messaging issues if they try to use their device right out the box…

To not cause any more static, Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1 that should prompt users to update during the setup process.

if not, you can always go into the iPhone Settings > General > Software Update to queue up the update.

So fire off that update, and go waste some time for a couple minutes

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iPhone 14 Pro/Max Dynamic Island Functionality

The new Dynamic Island feature for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is all anyone can talk about right now.

When we finally get our hands on the new devices at launch, only native apps will support the functionality.

In the Verge’s review of the 14 Pro/Max, they have outlined all the native apps that work with Dynamic Island.

It will be interesting to see how third-party developers incorporate the dynamic island into their app’s functionality…

Can’t wait to use this one while I poop…