iPhone 14 Issues

Somebody on the snobOS Podcast team ALSO has issues with their iPhone 14. Listen to the latest episode to find out the who and what

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iPhone Startup Chime is BACK for the first time

Folks loved the startup chime that sounded off anytime a Mac was turned on. So much so that it went away, but Apple brought it back with the macOS 11. 

There was never really was an official startup chime for the iPhone. 

Well…there still isn’t, BUT if you have an iPhone 14, you can add a startup chime by utilizing an accessibility feature that helps those with visual impairments know when they have successfully powered off (and on) their device. 

If you go to iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual you can toggle on “Power on and Off Sounds” icon. 

Now when you turn off/on your iPhone 14, you will get a little chime. Not the same chime present in a Mac, but still…

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Old-School iPhone Backup and Restore

Word on the street is there are some folks who are experiencing issues transferring data to their brand-spankin’ new iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max… 

Via MacRumors

For all those in this predicament, Apple says to do a force restart if your ‌iPhone‌ is unresponsive for more than five minutes during the transfer process…

Via Apple

I did the ‘Quick Start’ process and manually transferred my data using the “device next to device” method, but I didn’t experience any issues. BUT I did create a backup by connecting my old iPhone to my Mac…JUST in case.

While Apple says “All you gotta do is place your new phone next to your old phone to transfer your data that easy”. I’ve learned that when anyone says “All you gotta do is…” that hardly EVER is the case…

So I would keep the old tried and true PC iTunes or Mac Finder backup and restore method as a backup just in case the new-dangled methods are “not that easy”

…’Cause it never is

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Update Your iPhone 14 Immediately

Looks like you will have to wait just a little while longer before getting to play with your new toy.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, new iPhone 14 users may experience messaging issues if they try to use their device right out the box…

To not cause any more static, Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1 that should prompt users to update during the setup process.

if not, you can always go into the iPhone Settings > General > Software Update to queue up the update.

So fire off that update, and go waste some time for a couple minutes


How to reboot your iPhone with Siri

Y’all stay sleeping on Siri. I try to use her for as many quick tasks as possible. 

One of the new ways I utilize Siri on weekly basis is for rebooting my phone. YES…you should reboot your phone on a regular basis. 

Instead of fumbling with multiple buttons, I simply call out “Hey Siri, reboot my phone”. (You can also press and hold the sleep/wake button) She will ask (and I’m paraphrasing) “are you sure my guy?”

I respond “Yes” (or tap confirm) and wait for my phone to wake back up. 

…And don’t ask “why do I need to reboot my phone regularly BrothaTech?” Just do it ‘cause I said so.

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iPhone 14 Pro/Max Dynamic Island Functionality

The new Dynamic Island feature for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is all anyone can talk about right now.

When we finally get our hands on the new devices at launch, only native apps will support the functionality.

In the Verge’s review of the 14 Pro/Max, they have outlined all the native apps that work with Dynamic Island.

It will be interesting to see how third-party developers incorporate the dynamic island into their app’s functionality…

Can’t wait to use this one while I poop…


How to Enable Haptic Touch on iPhone

Before we even get started…”yes Android has had this feature for years”

Now that’s out of the way, iOS 16 dropped a slew of features onto our iPhones. Most people will gravitate to customizing their lock screen, while others will wreak havoc with editing and un-sending iMessages. 

I just wanted to drop a tip on how to enable a little-known feature that provides haptic feedback when you type. 

If you open iPhone Settings > Tap Sounds & Haptics > Then tap Keyboard Feedback, you can toggle both sound and Haptic feedback so you can “feel” the keys as you type them.

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How to Track Your Packages With Siri

Not really using Apple’s Siri Shortcuts like you should? Here’s one shortcut I use all the time when I’m waiting on packages 📦 to hit my doorstep. 

Instead rummaging through emails or refreshing shipping websites just to get tracking updates, you can create an iPhone home button or Siri prompt to quickly get updates on packages. 

First you need to copy the tracking website URL for the package you want to track. Then open the Shortcuts app and do the following:

  1. Tap “+” to start a new Shortcut
  2. Tap “Add Action”
  3. Tap “Web” icon
  4. Under Safari, tap “Open” URLs
  5. In the shortcut field, tap the highlighted URL, then paste the tracking URL, then tap “Next”
  6. Give your Shortcut a name and tap “Done”
  7. Once the shortcut is created, tap the three ellipses on the shortcut.
  8. Tap the three ellipses again, and “add to Home Screen” to create an butting for even faster access.
  9. Create a simple Shortcut name so can also use Siri to complete the task. 

This trick will be good for tracking all those #Apple goodies that will be hitting your doorstep later this week. 

Drop a comment if you NEED more Siri Shortcuts in order to get more #Productivity out of that expensive-ass iPhone.

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How to get Apple’s Black Unity Wallpaper

In celebration of Black History Month, Apple has released wallpapers that display the colors of the Pan-African flag. Here’s how to get them…

Lockdown Your Kid’s Phone

I’m sure a ton of kids got an iPhone for Christmas (as a consolation gift for not securing an PS5/Xbox).

If you’re concerned about your kid’s safety/security/access with an iPhone between their thumbs, check out my latest PCMag story with tips on how to lock it down to keep their phone (and their data) safe.

How to Secure Your Kid’s iPhone