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Post Valentine’s Tech: do (dough) Pizza – iPad Menus and More

do pizza menu on iPad
How can a techie NOT like this place?

This year it was Mrs. Tech’s turn to plan our Valentine’s Day outing. She was beside herself with pride in the plans she made for us this past weekend. She wouldn’t tell me all the details, but she knew I would like this place. Low and behold, the spot she picked, was a swanky pizza place (they had a dress code) just west of downtown Atlanta with a touch of tech that I, in fact, liked.

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Evernote Word Count AppleScript for Mac

evernote user forum
I need to spend more time here

I recently finished drafting a tech article for a print magazine. I recently started drafting all my posts for other sites in Evernote so I can just share the note via link in an email. With this magazine, I need to keep an eye on my word count, but I refuse to compose in Word for Mac, or mess with Google Docs. Since (for some strange reason) Evernote for Mac doesn’t currently have a word count function when you draft a note, I prayed to the Google Search Gods for an answer. All signs pointed to the Evernote User Forum and an AppleScript file that did the trick.

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Wrapsol iPad 2 Clean Screen Film – Review

I’ve got kids…two little angels (3 and 1 years old). I have to keep reminding myself that they are in fact, angels every time they touch my gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, since I’m a techie, I want my kids to learn the ways of the geek pretty early, so I let them (my 3 year old in particular) play with my iPad 2. Now of course, I try to monitor what she’s doing with my pricey toy in her hands, but there are sometimes that I look away for a while, only to be alerted by Mrs. Tech when my daughter is doing “something other than what she’s supposed to be doing” with my tablet.

Normally, I don’t like stuff on my gadgets – No cases, no covers, or screen protectors – I like my gadgets like I like my women Mrs. Tech – Naked. But the more and more my kids want to emulate Daddy and touch all over my stuff, the more I realize that it’s about time that I grow up and get some protection. So, the nice folks over at Wrapsol sent me a Clean screen protector film to try out and see if in fact I’ve been unnecessarily gambling with the future of my iPad 2’s screen by not protecting it from my kids the “elements”

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CableJive xlSync Cable for iPhone – Review

"Daddy Long...Cable"

As a result of my review of the iStubz super short sync cable for iOS devices, The nice folks over at CableJive were kind enough to send over one of their featured longer sync cables to try out.

The xlSync cable is an extra long (hence the name) 6.5 ft. sync cable for iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, and iPad that essentially gives you more options when you are limited in your charge/sync location options.

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Apple’s Sexier iPad 2 – A Brotha’s Take

…i’m impressed.

Based on all of the hoopla leading up to today’s announcement, I though the iPad 2 was just gonna be a refreshed iPad – an iPad 1.5 if you will. So I thought to myself “I will keep my iPad Classic”. I have moved from that stance slightly over to “on the fence” based on the unveiling of the iPad 2 today that will be available March 11th.

iPad 2 tech spec highlights:

– 1GHz dual-core Apple A5
– Wi-Fi + 3G models
– Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
– Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
– 1024×768 resolution
– Rear camera: 720p Video recording, Front camera: VGA video recording up to 30 frames per second
– Up to 10 hours battery life
– Charging via power adapter OR USB to computer system
– HDMI Out (with additional cable)

Pricing (WiFi):
– $499 for 16GB
– $599 for 32GB
– $699 for 64GB

3G (ATT & Verizon):
– $629 for 16GB
– $729 for 32GB
– $829 for 64GB

The features that impressed me is the Dual-core A5 chip which should speed processing and graphics tremendously, and the physical improvements:

– Thinner than the iPhone 4
– Lighter than the iPad “Classic”
– Same battery life as Classic

The last thing that caught my eye is the new iOS 4.3 that jam-packs the iPad 2 with several added features that complement the new iPad 2 nicely as well as breathe new life into the other models that can handle the new OS.

The dual cameras, meh. The new smart case, meh. Black AND White option: meh. iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band are just cool. But the $60,000 question is:

“Will I get one?”

I dunno know…yet. I’m perfectly happy with Classic, but the techie inside me is starting to ever-so-slightly tickle my senses…and my track record has been to listen more times than not. I think the deciding factor would be if I could fetch a decent enough price for my:


Packaged with:
– Official Apple iPad Case
– Camera Connection Kit
– iPad Dock

Hint, Hint (hit me up for pricing)