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Cool iPhone [Beyond] 5 Concept Video

A look at a cool concept video with some futuristic iPhone features

With all the iPhone 5 rumors running around the web, I thought I would throw up this cool video that’s been circulating the web about an iPhone concept with features THAT ARE MOST CERTAINLY NOT on the iPhone 5…or 6, or 7 for that matter.

A 3D studio called AatmaStudio created the video probably more as a testament to the company’s 3D/CG skills rather that actually conceptualizing what features to look forward to in future iPhone designs…but they look so good that one would hope some of these features makes it on the iPhone 8 or 9.

Personally, I want my phone to emit a bacon smell when I receive an email – But that’s just me. What futuristic features would you want to see on upcoming iPhones or smartphones in general?

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