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First Week With My iPhone 6

It was a week ago today when I finally got my hands on the iPhone 6. I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting on this phone for a long time. I thought the iPhone 5 was too small, but I got it anyway. I thought the iPhone 5S/5C was still too small, so I started using larger Androids and Windows Phone devices skipped buying either and crossed my fingers hoping the iPhone 6 was finally going to give Apple fans like me a larger design.

When the larger iPhone 6 and even larger iPhone 6 Plus was announced earlier this month, my eyes were on the smaller iPhone 6…I still wanted a front pants pocket-able phone even with a case on. So I got lucky during the preorders and my iPhone 6 was delivered early in the afternoon last Friday September 19th.

Now that I’ve had a week to play around with the smartphone, I think I’m ready to offer initial opinions of the iPhone 6.

All of the major tech publications marveled at the thinness of the iPhone 6 but worried that it may be too thin. Many journalists would agree that they would’ve been alright with a slightly thicker phone if that meant Apple could cram in a larger, longer-lasting battery and get rid of the lens bulge on primary camera.

The camera lens is made out of sapphire, so it can withstand scratches from regular wear and tear. After holding the iPhone 6, I am amazed at how thin the phone is. Sure, I also would’ve opted for a better battery, but I’m not mad at all that Apple opted for cramming all that tech into that tiny frame. Additionally, the second I put a case on my phone, the bulge was a non-issue.

I was among those who really wasn’t feeling the antenna lines on the back of the iPhone 6 leaked images. I was really hoping those leaked images were fake. But alas, the lines were real, but I must admit, on the space gray color, they are not as noticeable as I thought, especially when I throw on a case…And you really want to put a case on this bad boy simply because it is mad slippery. I opted for the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle iPhone 6 Case.

The rounded corners combined with the curved edges of the glass display, combined with the super smooth aluminum frame makes for an uniform, seamless design. My overall impression of the iPhone 6 design: Apple should’ve skipped the 5S and came out with the iPhone 6 instead…It’s that good looking.


I have average sized hands, so I could do everything with one hand on my iPhone 5. After using the iPhone 6 for a couple of days, I did have to pull my other hand out of my pocket to make sure I didn’t drop my phone when reaching into the far upper left hand corner of the phone. I can reach the entire screen with one hand, but I have to tilt the position of the phone in my hand, which can easily result in dropping and cracking the screen…and I don’t want to become my own iPhone repair customer this early in the game.

Thankfully, Apple moved the power button from the top to the right side of the iPhone so people won’t have to spend so much time trying to reach it to perform various tasks. Speaking of the buttons, they are rounded off to better match the form of the frame, which makes pressing them feel more natural.

The display is dope, the best of all the iPhones and even many of its competitors. Even on the iPhone 6, I find myself watching more videos, shows, and movies on the spot, versus bookmarking them on my iPhone 5 to watch later on a larger screen.

I’m pretty certain that you can leave your point and shoot at home with all the camera upgrades in the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6. The pics I have taken on the 6 are sharper and crisper with all the settings on auto and  with no edits. Here are pics of my one lovable kid…and one crazy kid taking part in one of their favorite things…face painting.

Lil Tech taken with iPhone 6 via BrothaTech Tech 2.0 taken with iPhone 6 via BrothaTech

Even without the optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 and only 8 megapixels, the camera is no slouch…and I haven’t even touched all the extra slo-mo and time-lapse features packed in camera software. So if you just want to casually and beautifully capture life as it happens, you can’t get any better than an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

When you add all the subtle but impactful improvements in iOS8, my iPhone 6 has been a “bangin” experience over the past week. My one and only pain point with the iPhone 6 and its 4.7 inch screen is that…it has a 4.7 inch screen. I really…REALLY love the form factor of the 5 inch Nexus 5 from Google. I wish Apple would have chose to join its competitors in the 5 inch category with the iPhone 6 (I like even numbers).

To all my iPhone 6 owners, what do you think of your device so far?

5 replies on “First Week With My iPhone 6”

I couldn’t do it. I wanted the 6 Plus and I went to the store and head it in my hands and Jesus whispered in my ear and said NO! LOL I’m still holding out on getting the 6…just cause. But I’m glad to hear you like it.

Yeah I ordered a 6 Plus and cancelled it after going to the store and actually handling it. I have huge hands and still couldn’t totally operate it with one hand.

I got the iPhone 6+ and could not be happier with it. I have small hands and just use it like a mini tablet. It neatly solved the problem of whether or not to get an iPad mini (no). I also have been “training” the predictive type native keyboard and absolutely love it. As a woman I’m basically never going to be able to fit any modern smartphone in my pocket (hahaha pockets in women’s clothing … don’t make me laugh) so I just found a lovely little silk passport purse that’s the perfect size to hold it and doubles as a badge lanyard for my work ID. The one handed use thing has been a total non issue for me and I’m guessing it’s not something I did much in the first place.

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