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Get Detailed Info On Any Mac with Mactracker

Mactracker is a handy app that quickly provides detailed information on your Mac…as well as any Mac ever made.Mactracker app icon via

For those who don’t know, I repair/upgrade computers as well…preferrably Macs, but I don’t discriminate. When a potential client needs me to upgrade their RAM, Hard Drive, or do various diagnostics, I need to find out some additional information about their computer first.

The beauty of Macs (and I’m being sarcastic) is that you don’t just have a “13-inch MacBook”, Macs have Model Numbers, Model Identifiers, Orders Numbers, and other information that will tell me more ¬†about your specific computer, before I go on a scavenger hunt for parts.

There are sites, support pages, and blog posts written on how to find this information that I regularly refer my clients to. While doing some researching on another potential client, I stumbled across Mactracker, a Mac App that can quickly and easily display pertinent information about your Mac. In addition to basic computer specs, Mactracker can display all sorts of information including (but not limited to):

  • When it was introduced
  • When it was discontinued
  • Inital price
  • Support status
  • Bundled software
  • Maximum OS compatibility
  • Model history breakdown (mini-Wiki)
  • Model promo/marketing tagline

Get Detailed Info On Any Mac with Mactracker via

Mactracker even offers a comments field for you to jot notes about your computer. I used this space to briefly document all the updates I performed on my own MacBook Pro. The sweet thing about Mactracker is it just doesn’t provide this information about your computer, it can display information on any computer product that Apple has ever made, from desktop speakers, to printers, to mice, keyboards, and trackpads, to all the mobile devices as well.

As a techie, this app will definitely come in handy for more in-depth repair work and education on new and “Vintage” Apple gear, but I’m sure Mactracker would be useful to any Apple fan, or just somebody who wants to know more about their computer…but can’t find the box.

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