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My iPhone 4s Butt-Lift

I was feeling a little froggy after successfully tearing up and fixing Mrs. Tech’s MacBook. So I figured “why not void my Apple warranty in order to add some extra style to my iPhone 4s?”

Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4s back
I need cosmetic surgery to stay relevant

My smartphone AKA:

  • The Precious
  • i Four Easy

…is by far my most favorite gadget. There isn’t anything I can’t do with this bad boy. But I will admit, after a while, I get tired of looking at it. I was a little upset when Apple didn’t release a new design for the iPhone 4s, so I tried several cases, skins, etc. to spruce it up a little.

My latest attempt as giving my iPhone 4s a little flare is replacing the glass back with an brushed aluminum back. Peep the video after the break

I did some research and found a website that deals only in iPhone parts, hence the name where I found the brushed aluminum back. I was feeling a little froggy after tearing up and successfully fixing Mrs. Tech’s MacBook. So I figured “why not void my Apple warranty in place of some extra smartphone style” Yes, opening up your iPhone voids your warranty, so if you want to try something like this, be aware.

The process was simple and I am pretty happy with my iPhone 4s butt-lift

The website deals in all kinds of iPhone repair/replacement parts, just in case you scratch, crack, or if you’re like me, want to add some lasting personality to your device. So check it out.

If you’re not as adventurous as me, but still want some style, shoot me an email at or visit my contact page. I’ll take good care of your stuff.

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