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New iPhone Mysteriously Lost…Then Found???

To you REALLY think they let this beauty accidentally get out?

…I doubt it – Not the part about this being the new iPhone that’s supposed to drop this summer. I doubt the fact that it [iPhone prototype] was “lost” in a bar somewhere, and found only for the rights to be sold and I’m assuming bought by Gizmodo, for their breaking story. My guess is that this is an ingenious way for Apple to create some buzz, so they very slickly (I made that up) let the phone out into the wild in hopes that this exact thing happens – somebody finds it and leaks it to the highest bidder.

*All speculation for the sake of posting a story, so deal with it*

But Gizmodo did some research in addition to completely taking the phone apart, and thus, claim this is a real iPhone 4G prototype. So since they believe it, I do too (Sorry Erykah, but imma go with groupthink on this one), so I’m gonna post some of the new design features:

– Front-facing camera (for video conference calls, chats, etc)
– Back camera WITH FLASH
– Larger battery
– Smaller screen but higher resolution
– Completely flat back, as opposed to the current slightly curved one, with aluminum border

There is some other stuff, but the above are the best new features in my opinion.

The reasons why they think it’s a real phone is because the phone was actually reported lost, and before Gizmodo could get a chance to play with the phone’s OS, Apple remotely killed the phone. The phone also had a plastic casing around it to disguise it as an iPhone 3GS.

But again, I think this was a carefully crafted scheme by Apple to accidentally on purpose get the word out on it’s new device “But I ain’t the one to gossip, so you ain’t heard it from me”

To get more pics, vids, and details on why they think this phone is the “real deal”, visit:

2 replies on “New iPhone Mysteriously Lost…Then Found???”

It’s the real deal. Gizmodo posted a letter form Apple’s legal department on their website.

With that said, “Hooray, front facing camera!”

No doubt it’s the real deal…But my thing is Apple isn’t the victim in all this. I think Apple masterminded this whole operation in an attempt to create buzz. Apple it too smart and too tight-lipped about new product releases to let some drunk dood leave his phone in a bar to be scooped up and sold to the highest bidder.

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