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Parallels Desktop 7 Released for Mac

The latest iteration from the popular Parallels software now makes switching between OS X on your Mac and your Windows virtual machine seamless.

The new Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac delivers a full and fast Windows experience on your Mac. The latest iteration from the popular Parallels suite of software now makes switching between OS X on your Mac and your Windows virtual machine seamless. Run popular apps like Windows Internet Explorer, Access, OneNote, Quicken and more, even the most demanding graphical programs, without rebooting and without compromise on speed and usability.

Getting started, PD7 includes the new Wizard that lets users purchase, install and download Microsoft Windows 7 inside PD7. The wizard also lets you upgrade Windows from a PC and transfer files and folders.

Once you’ve set up your Windows virtual machine on your Mac, you can run your favorite Windows applications your Mac effortlessly. You can run them either inside your virtual machine, or run your applications directly from the Mac dock. Again, you don’t have to shut down your Mac OS just to boot in a Windows environment. PD7 lets you run Windows and Mac OS in parallel of each other (hence the name Parallels Desktop).

The new PD7 also takes advantage of Mac OS Lion by letting you add Windows applications on your dock, in the applications folder, in Launch Pad and Mission Control. You can also use Windows apps in Lion’s full screen mode that gives you the most screen real estate to work with.

Other features include:

– Enjoy using your Mac’s iSight or FaceTime HD camera in both OS X Lion and Windows programs

– Run multiple copies of OS X Lion or Windows and their applications on your Mac.

– improved battery life performance, 3D graphics, and 5.1 and 7.1 surround audio support

Finally, Parallels adds mobile apps so you can run your Windows virtual machine from your iOS mobile device. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to watch and listen to Flash videos in Windows on your Mac; access and run your OS X, Windows, Chrome, Ubuntu and other operating systems, their applications and files on your Mac anytime from anywhere.

The standard retail priceof Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac is $79.99 and a student edition is available for $39.99. A free trial version is available so you can see just what PD7 is all about before you shell out the dough.

For more information about Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, check out the video, then visit the PD7 website.

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