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Switching Back To iOS From Android – It Just Works

Switching Back To iOS From Android - It Just Works via BrothaTech

Not sure if I just got bored and wanted to look at something new for a change, or I truly am a fanboy, but I’ve temporarily (or permanently) switched back to my iPhone 5 as my daily driver. I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy S4 for quite some time and I must say the larger screen size was my main reason for getting one, and it came in handy numerous times on the potty when I had idle time to browse the web, watch a video, or draft an email.

Additionally, I use Google services all day long, so having that “Google juice” baked into my smartphone is an added bonus

Side note: I’m still trying to figure out a full-proof way to use my Google Apps email aliases in Apple Mail for iOS 7. 

So after a while rocking Android, I’ve switched back to iOS.  While my fat thumbs (Lawd, please force Apple to let us use SwiftKey) and bad eyes have to get used to a smaller screen again, going back to Apple has been a pretty pleasant experience.

The first obvious thing I noticed is that getting media (music, movies, podcasts, etc.) on my iPhone was simple because I use iTunes to download and mange my media. I use a doubleTwist to get iTunes content on my Android, but some content (old DRM stuff) just won’t carry over. Plugging up my iPhone and watching the magic happen is simply a better experience.

Another observation was that it appeared that my Android was getting more an more stuttery (word?) and not as smooth when doing basic tasks like detecting when I wanted to type and pulling up the virtual keyboard, switching between apps, and taking pictures. My GS4 had to literally “think about it” for a while before completing the task.

iOS on the other hand, is still a smooth and seamless experience. Now one could attribute my Android issues to the fact that by the time the manufacturer and the carrier are done with Android, the user experience is lessened. But like I said, as time went on, the stuttering got worse…And until any of you Android enthusiasts scoffing at my analysis (or PR folk looking for influential brands…’cause I’d like to consider myself influential in this tech game) want to send me a Google Nexus 5 to truly experience Android, you will have to make due with my iOS vs. Android experience.

Yeah, my phone is tiny, and I will have to figure out some workarounds to continue dependence on using Google services on an iPhone, but I will say my overall opinion of an iPhone is that with all of its developer and ecosystem restrictions…It just works.

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I respect your openness in trying out Android. I, for one, have not been so brave. I have been with an iPhone since I waited in line on June 29, 2007 and have never looked back. The other day I did play with one at Best Buy. After a few minutes I shrugged my shoulders and happily embraced the love affair I have with my good ole iPhone.

I will openly admit, the lure of the 4.7-inch and up Android screens did suck me in. Furthermore, I will publicly revolt if the iPhone 6 isn’t at least as big as a Moto X.

Other than that, I now remember why I COULD. NOT. WAIT. until VZDub started carrying the iPhone 4. Wifey and I may just hit up a T-Mobile this weekend and see what’s up with all their “switch to us” noise they are making lately – May just upgrade to an iPhone 5S

Just did the same thing myself, and went from Boost (was on the pre-paid kick for a while) to Verizon. Needless to say, the double switch has me drooling again like I was when I first got the 3GS. Picked up a blue 5c (free with a coupon and gift card usage) a few weeks ago, and it become the primary phone again INSTANTLY.

Can’t complain for sure. I definitely was getting tired of the difficulty/impossibility of moving apps to the MicroSD with the Jelly Bean update. Makes me appreciate phones with all the memory on board.

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