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Nest Learning Thermostat Now on Apple’s Website

Nest Thermostat
I Can Haz Housewarming gift?

The Nest Learning (and app controlled) thermostat will probably be one of the first gadgets I buy when we finally pick a neighborhood and buy a house.

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TV Gadget Turns Your Mac Into A DVR

…AND streams live or recorded video to your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Designed specifically for Apple fanboys products, The Elgato Eye TV HD set-top box attaches to your Cable/Satellite DVR and wirelessly bridges your Apple devices to control your DVR and stream live content.

At $200 bucks for the box and $5 bucks for the mobile app, it ain’t cheap; but since when have Apple aficionados really considered cost in their love of all things Apple? To compensate for the cost, the Eye TV HD box is crafted with the same minimalistic, but complex design as your current Apple gadgets lineup, so it looks at home alongside other Apple components.

With the Eye TV HD hooked up, you can now use your Mac desktops and laptops to schedule and view recorded and live content, and use your Apple mobile devices to watch your content ANYWHERE. Of course, you have to be mindful of the fact that if you are not on WiFi, and trying to use 3G (will not throw in another AT&T sucks comment here) to view your live or recoded content, you will have some lag to get used to.

But, if you’re willing to grin and bear it, you can most certainly use your Apple mobile devices to zone out and catch up on your recorded or live content while at work.