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DIY iPhone Repair Via iFixit Liberation Week 2014

DIY iPhone Repair Via iFixit Liberation Week 2014 via
As a iPhone repair guy and all around hardware geek, iFixit is one of my go-to resources for all my gadget repair needs. They have repair tutorials, an dope repair community, and offer tools and kits to help professionals and DIY-ers alike repair their own electronics.

For the 2nd year in celebration of Independence Day here in America, iFixit wants more people to be liberated from going into a crowded Apple Store to let a “Genius” diagnose your phone. So between July 1-4th amount of time, or until supplies run out, iFixit is giving a way free iPhone Repair Kits that will let any iPhone owner crack open their own iPhone to save some money and feel a sense of freedom from the clutches paying for Apple Care.

Replacing a cracked rear panel, replacing a dead battery, checking loose cables, and even fixing your own screen isn’t as hard as you think, so long as you have the right tools. So check out Liberation Week at iFixit and get your own free iPhone Repair Kit.