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Ask a Brotha: iPhone 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Concept
iPhone 5 Concept Drawing Courtesy of Uptown Magazine

Every once in a while, I get tech questions via social media networks and other channels. So I decided to start a new area on my blog where I answer some of those questions in order to help a larger audience who my have the same questions. So don’t go getting all up in your feelings if you ask me a public question and it shows up here – Consider your question as inspiration for a blog post…You’re welcome.

This one comes via Twitter:

“Bro Terrance is it worth waiting for i-phone 5…..In fall maybe? or just go with 4S”

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My iPhone 4s Butt-Lift

Brushed Aluminum iPhone 4s back
I need cosmetic surgery to stay relevant

My smartphone AKA:

  • The Precious
  • i Four Easy

…is by far my most favorite gadget. There isn’t anything I can’t do with this bad boy. But I will admit, after a while, I get tired of looking at it. I was a little upset when Apple didn’t release a new design for the iPhone 4s, so I tried several cases, skins, etc. to spruce it up a little.

My latest attempt as giving my iPhone 4s a little flare is replacing the glass back with an brushed aluminum back. Peep the video after the break

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Use your iPhone to pay for Starbucks orders

One of my first articles as a blogger was called “Mobile Tagging”. The article was mainly about being able to create and scan “barcodes” (one type of code is called QR code) in order to share such things like contact info and web links using your web-enabled smart phone.

I knew this technology was cool (which was why I wrote about it…a brotha loves cool!) and sooner or later SOMEBODY would put it to good use. Well that somebody just happened to be the largest coffee house in the world.

Starbucks has available an iPhone app called “Starbucks Card Mobile App” (the name is GENIUS…/sarcasm) that enables your typical Starbucks junkie to carry around their Starbucks card on their iPhone (or IPod Touch). With the app, you can find out your card balance, add monies to your card, and register for free card rewards.

…bla, bla, bla.

The coolest feature of the app is that you can create your favorite coffee order by creating a barcode that when scanned automatically SUBMITS AND PAYS for your order – provided you do in fact have a balance on your virtual card!

So imagine being able to walk into a Starbucks, walk up to the counter, hold your phone up to the cashier Java Specialist, submit, pay, and pick up your order without having to say anything!

Not having to talk to anybody is my kind of communication!

Right now, the latter feature of the app is currently being tested in Seattle area stores (of course) and a few other Cali locations, but I am pretty sure before long, the feature will be available everywhere.

For more information and to download the FREE app, visit Starbucks Card Mobile App…OR scan this pic with your code reader app on your phone: