A Brotha’s AirPods Max Impressions

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My AirPods Max finally arrived. You’ve probably seen all the unboxing videos and read all the early reviews, so here’s my quick hot takes to summarize all that in order to give you an overall ideal of what to expect if you pickup a pair.

These joints are THICCC

I have a pair of late-model Sony WH-1000XM3’s and the AirPods Max with its stainless steel frame by far have way more heft to them. So if you like ‘em chonky…

They feel good

Even though they’re heavier, they don’t weigh down your head. Additionally, there is hardly any additional movement that makes you feel like they are going to fall off your head if you move around too much. 

The metal telescoping arms are firm and there is NO WAY they are going to move after you find that perfect fit. Even with eye glasses, the AirPods Max ear cushions will sit nice and snug on your ears like a fresh pair a drawls right out of the dryer.

The world around you will disappear

Apple has a cheesy promo video on its site that visualizes what it’s like listening with Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio active…and that’s actually how it feels when the sound is cranked up.

Case and point: I was listening to them while writing this, and TOTALLY forgot about my rambunctious 3-year old who was wandering around the house. Without dry-snitching on my parenting skills, let’s just say the AirPods Max sound quality is the truth. So make sure you don’t have any other exterior responsibilities while fully immersed…or switch to Transparency mode if you need to keep your wits about you. 

I haven’t done an in-depth comparison between my XM3’s, my AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max, but based on a quick comparison, the AirPods Max came to play and offer superior sound quality over my AirPods Pro without any additional setup, calibration or configuration on my part over my XM3’s. 

The controls are simple and familiar

Controlling music, evoking Siri, managing calls, and activating noise cancellation works the same as on any other Apple device. If you have an Apple Watch, The Digital Crown works the same with the AirPods Max letting you play, pause, advance tracks and adjust the volume effortlessly.

After about a couple minutes, my muscle memory was locked in, and I could quickly and easily get to the controls without fumbling around like Rudy Giuliani managing his handkerchief. My only request would be that the haptic “click-click” feeling you get with the Apple Watch Digital Crown was more prevalent when using the AirPods Max Digital Crown.

The Smart Case is wack

Nothing to add here. It is what it is…

That price tho?

Having said all that, at $549 they are STILL mad expensive. BUT “it ain’t tricking if you got it”. So if you’re an Apple fan, the AirPods Max are definitely not necessary, but a nice splurge item if you got money to burn and feel to need to stunt (we all do). Especially if you’re not worried about people clocking your pockets because they “outside the club and can’t even get in”

Obviously, they are not THAT expensive…because they’re already sold out. So, there’s that.

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