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Fan Web and iOS App – A Cord Cutter’s Best Friend

Fanhattan logoThe Fan web and iOS app attempts to solve all your cord cutter woes by offering a one-stop shop to find your favorite content, as well as curate new content you may want to check out.

I want to be a cord cutter so bad, but here are the two reasons why I’m still tethered to my cable/satellite provider for television content:

1. Sports

I’m not a sports fanatic, so you won’t find my man cave drowning in [enter any sports team here] gear, or tracking players in the off-season to make sure I draft them on my fantasy team come [fake] draft day. BUT I do like to have quick and easy access to a wide variety and sports news and games so I can make sure I keep my Man Card. The sports leagues and major networks that do the best job of providing #AllSportsEverything (rhymes with FeeSPN) are soo deep in bed with satellite/cable subscribers, that live, web enabled sports is almost impossible without a subscription…Legitimately of course.

2. Swag Channel Surfing

We are not picky, so when Mrs. Tech and I find the time to do the exact opposite of something creative, educational or productive, we constanly find ourselves flipping through a ton of channels just find something that “looks” entertaining for that moment in time. Now I’ve tried to concoct an exhaustive mix of Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Vudu and Crackle boxes or services currently connected to your TV…Not to mention all the seperate apps that I have to only watch content from certain television networks. In the end, its just easier to randomly find a show or two to watch versus doing a brain-mapping experiment just to find one show via the web.

There isn’t a solution to the live sports issue when trying to stream ALL your content from the web, but the folks at Fanhattan have released a website and iOS app called Fan that does a good job of telling you exactly where to find the content you’re looking for versus the “trial and error” method that goes into finding content on the wide variety of internet services.

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