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Quick MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade Video

One of my repeat customers needs to squeeze some extra life out of their aging 15-inch MacBook Pro. So, their handed it over their “baby” to me, and in addition to some other upgrades (Battery replacement and Solid State Drive install) I upgraded his RAM (Random Access Memory) from 4GB to 8GB.

A RAM upgrade is what I suggest to anyone who feels their computer is lagging when it comes to booting/restarting, opening applications and other completing other tasks that you know should not take as long as they do.

Without all the tech jargon, RAM is what your computer uses to find stuff on your computer. It doesn’t store any information, it just remembers where everything is. The more stuff you add to your computer, the longer it takes for RAM to find it. So, adding more RAM speeds up the searching process.

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I know folks are “scared” to even open up their laptop, let alone remove and/or add anything to it. But I swear, a RAM upgrade is super simple to do. So as a test of the Periscope app, I decided to do LIVE RAM upgrade (excuse the fuzziness, my mobile video lighting game needs to be upgraded).

Even though I’m working on a MacBook, opening up and doing a RAM upgrade on a PC is almost the same. The only thing that may be different is how you open your laptop, and where the RAM is located. Another note: This will only work on laptops that don’t have the RAM soldered to the motherboard (think MacBook Airs and other super-slim Ultrabooks). So if you’re in the market for one of those, my suggestion is that you get as much RAM as possible during the purchase process. After your computer is built…


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