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All of my go-tech resources that I’ve recommended and used over all my years as an Apple IT professional in one place

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The very first thing you should do is back up your computer. With BackBlaze, once your create an account and add your computers, you don’t have to do anything else. BackBlaze automagically backs up your computers to the cloud for quick and easy access to your data WHEN (not if) something happens

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There isn’t a big sticker on iDevices letting you know what model/generation/year or specs it has. So when I’m working with clients, I always go to EveryMac to get all the details of their computer

Clean My Mac/PC

The best way to speed up your computer is to get all that crap off of it. If you have a slow computer and you swear you’ve cleaned all your can, CleanMyMac steps in and gets rid of all those files that aren’t needed…and those files you didn’t even know existed


It’s not often a Mac get a virus. But there are some people who click any and everything, and no Apple product can withstand an habitual clicker. For those times, I look to Malwarebytes to quickly scan, diagnose, and quarantine the most troublesome viruses, ransomeware, spyware and adware out there (for PC too)

LastPass Logo

Saving passwords in a spreadsheet on your computer’s desktop is NOT what’s hot in these data security streets. One simple password for ALL your accounts isn’t either. My go-to password (and them some) manager is LastPass. I strongly recommend it as the first line of defense when it comes to online security

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Mac of All Trades

When my clients (or when I’m) looking for deal on an Apple devices, my 1st place to check is Mac of All Trades. I’ve bought multiple products from MoAT, and sent many clients its way, and have never been let down with the quality of products available.

It should go without saying that MOST of my gadget purchases since…I can’t remember have come from Amazon. I buy all our stuff for the family, as well as those hard to find hardware components for client’s machines from Amazon. So if you do most of your shopping from Amazon, should me some love and use my link

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