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#TechTip: How To Use Spotlight To Control Your Mac

I like to consider myself a minimalist when I comes to my tech. I keep stuff simple as possible…probably because I get easily sidetracked.

As a result, I consider myself a pretty heavy Spolight user when I need to find something on my Mac, just so I can keep my desktop super clean and free of a bunch of icons. So let’s just say I was super geeked when I found a dope Mac trick that lets Spotlight fans like me quickly shutdown, restart, logout, or put my computer to sleep.

Truth be told, I have (self-diagnosed) OCD when it comes to certain things. Specifically, I start twitching when I come across a computer screen with a bunch of random files, images, web links, and other junk randomly scattered across the desktop…You know who you are

Cluttered Mac Desktop
Cluttered Mac Desktop via Lifehacker


So as you can imagine, there is nothing on my computer desktop, not even the app dock. If I need to search for anything on my computer, I use the Spotlight feature and start typing in search words to find what I’m looking for, similar to how most people flock to a Google Search Bar to start looking for some weird shit whatever online.

For those of you who don’t partake of the sweet nectar that is Spotlight, you can access it by either 1) Clicking on the little magnifying glass located in the upper-right side of your Mac’s Menu Bar, or 2) Pressing the (CMD+SPACE) buttons on your Mac’s keyboard (my favorite).

I was browsing the web and came across yet another reason to use Spotlight even more. A GitHub user created 4 small apps that when installed, will let you open Spotlight and type in “logoff” “sleep” “restart” or “shutdown” to (you guessed it) logoff the current user, put your Mac in sleep mode, restart your Mac, or shutdown your Mac completely.

Click this link to download the “system” file to your Mac. Open it and copy/paste the .app files to your applications folder (You may have to change your app download and open permissions)

Spotlight (similar to Google) will try to guess what you’re typing, so most of the time, all I have to do is type the first two or three letters to execute any of those functions.

I know what you keyboard shortcut zealots are thinking “You know BrothaTech, there are commands that already exist that let you do those functions without installing an app”. Yeah, I know, but…

I like to use Spotlight, so dragging and dropping a couple of files into my applications folder to quickly type commands works for me.

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