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Here’s here’s how to quickly unsubscribe from voting texts with your Apple Watch

I’m in Georgia, so while the rest of the country can (sort of) move on from the dumpster fire that was this past election season, we have to endure one more election cycle.

That means more text message blasts asking me about my vote. So I wrote a post for PCMag on how to use Apple Watch default replies to quickly unsubscribe from voting text message campaigns...


How do you use Siri

I use Siri as much as I can but there are still some commands I habitually grab my phone to accomplish when I could’ve easy asked Siri to do it (Voice recognition tends to work better on my Apple Watch vs. my iPhone, but I digress).

How many tasks do you accomplish with Siri? Check out the story on Fast Company and let me know if you use any of these in the comments.

14 Essential Siri time-savers you may have overlooked

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Here’s The Latest And Greatest OS X Yosemite Has To Offer

The batch file rename feature is definitely welcomed

From MacStories:

A batch renaming option has been added to the Finder in Yosemite: if you need to rename multiple files at once, select them, then choose “Rename [x] Items…” from the contextual menu. This will open a modal dialog with three options to batch rename files: Replace Text, Add Text, and Format. The first two are rather self-explanatory: one replaces a string of text found in the filename and the other can append or prepend text to the filename. Format is more advanced, as it lets you pick a format name with index, date, or counter to be placed before or after the filename with an option for a custom format as well.

Dope feature, especially for all my blogger folks who use pictures in their posts. If you didn’t know, for SEO juice, you should rename all your pictures to include the title of your post and/or keywords

…You’re welcome

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Looks Like Most Business and Corporate Cards Not Supported By Apple Pay

While it’s a safe bet that your personal credit/debit cards will work with Apple Pay, you will have to wait before your company lets you add their corporate card to your phone #WompWomp