Gonna Give Amazon In-Garage Delivery a Shot

I’m trying to avoid “Porch Pirates” nabbing my Amazon deliveries, and inquisitive kids clocking all our packages

Even before “dat ‘Rona” hit, our family has BEEN in these Amazon streets. Now that we have drastically limited our in-person shopping due to COVID-19, we’ve had Amazon deliveries at our front door seemingly every day.

My crib isn’t on the Smart Home level that I want because Apple’s HomeKit still isn’t fully realized yet (and them sh*ts be expensive). But I do have some Smart Home tech…in the house.

Specifically, my MyQ Smart Garage Door opener that lets me open/close my garage with my iPhone, and monitor the door’s status with my Amazon Echo devices. Since MyQ is compatible with the Alexa smart assistant, I have finally decided to give Amazon Key a try.

Without drawing out this blog post any further (because who even blogs anymore?), I can use my Amazon Key to enroll in the In-Garage Delivery Program that lets Amazon drivers access via MyQ to leave deliveries in my garage in order to:

  • Ward off any “porch pirates” who may try and run up
  • Fend off our nosey-ass 3 year-old who is “blocking” Santa’s game by checking for packages EVERY TIME the front door opens
Amazon In-Garage Deliver Program_brothatech
Read more about Amazon In-Garage Delivery Program

We’ve still got some shopping left to do, so I will test it out and circle back with my results.

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